Be it the rocking chair you like to doze off on during the warmer afternoons or evenings, or the bench under the tree where you listen to music in the early morning, you might have some wooden articles in your garden or patio. With how relaxing being outside is, the fact that you’d want to move out some of your favourite pieces of wooden furniture is indeed not surprising. However, it is important that to understand that indoor furniture do not fare very well outdoors – they are prone to rotting and other forms of deterioration, such as warping and discolouring. As such, it is important to know at least some of the basics of maintenance when it comes to having wooden furniture outdoors:

• Sand the furniture – to take care of wooden furniture, the very step in maintenance is to sand the furniture. You can do this by rubbing sandpaper on it thoroughly, or by applying a chemical wood stripper on the furniture. You need to do this until the bare wood is exposed – this will ensure that the paint will adhere to the furniture properly.

• Apply the right finish – once you’re done sanding the furniture, the next step is to apply a finish – paint and varnish. It’s important to know that clear finishes don’t do well to block UV rays and the like, so you might want to consider having simple white outdoor furniture or any other similar opaque colours for your furniture’s preliminary paint.

• Apply it completely – be they outdoor chairs from Melbourne or tables, or whatever other piece of furniture, make sure to apply the finish completely. This means that you should make sure that the furniture’s underside, its corners and just about every part of it – no part can be left unpainted. This will ensure that moisture that can get collected in the cracks and veneers will not rot the wood.

• Do it regularly – maintenance of your wooden furniture cannot be a ‘once in a lifetime’ process – you will have to repaint your furniture on a regular basis. This will be largely depend on the durability of your furniture; however, remember that no matter how good a care you take of your outdoor furniture, indoor furniture will most certainly outlive it – this just about sums up how harsh the outdoors in on wooden furniture.

• Shield from the weather – while having furniture outside will naturally mean they will be exposed to weathering elements like the sun and the rain, even attempting to shield the furniture from them by a slight degree can have a vast impact on their overall lifetime. For example, you can try to prevent unnecessary exposure to the rain (water is arguably the worst enemy of all wooden furniture after all) by positioning your outdoor furniture in areas sheltered by the rain – such as the patio for example.