Humans are social people by nature. It is impossible for humans to live alone, without socializing with others. Because of this reason, places such as country clubs, associations, forums and even governments have come into existence. A country club is a place where people of certain standing in the society gather to socialize. It is not so much the food and wine that matters, but the socialization process of gathering with people of like social standing. All people want to do is to gather together, exchange gossip and show off to their peers. The setting for this process should be the right one. After all, they do pay a lot of money just for belonging to that particular country club. Maintaining a country club is not as easy task. As a country club manager, you are liable to present to your customers an exclusive experience. Maintaining a clean country club is a part of this process. Here are some tips to ensure that you deliver that experience to your customers too.

Sports areas

A country club usually has sports areas as recreational facilities for their customers. Chances are that these areas sometimes get neglected by you. As a manager you cannot attend to every little detail about these sports areas by yourself. So sign up for agreements with relevant companies to maintain these sports areas spick and span. For example, hire a tennis court cleaner and sign an agreement with him to do a pressure cleaning once a week. Hire a company to do the maintenance on all the gaming machines once a month. This way, you are outsourcing the job to an expert and can concentrate on other crucial matters.


Spas are also another common commodity in country clubs. These are also some of the areas that are most frequently used in them. Because of this, and for health reasons, it is very important that you ensure that the spa areas are hygienically maintained. Just like you hired tennis court cleaners, make sure that you hire a cleaning service to look after your spa too. You might want to appoint one of your staff to ensure and verify that the job has been done up to your requirement.


Food at a country club should be top notch. Even though people visit country clubs to socialize, if the food is not up to the mark, it is going to be pretty noticeable. Therefore, cleanliness in the kitchen is something that you, as the manager, should take seriously. Chances are that your chefs and cooks are trained in kitchen hygiene. But do not take any chances. Arrange for frequent, repetitive trainings on food safety and cleanliness to ensure that you drive the message through.