Sometimes it becomes a necessity to extend your home due to growing families and changing needs. In fact, many people extend their homes for many different reasons such as having a bigger family than when they initially built the house and of course, to have a home office or to build an annex or extension that can be given out on rent and therefore bring in an income.

A bigger house can be extremely beneficial to you and your family in many ways however, there are many things that you will need to know and consider before you have begun work on your home.

Think about your neighbors

When extending your home, it is important that you are considerate to your neighbors. There are many laws that govern the areas within your garden that you can build and going against these laws can result in a law suit against you. One example of such a law is the “right to light” law that exists in many homes that says you cannot block the light entering a person’s window when you are building. Unlike when you first build your home, you will now have far less space to build which means you may unknowingly break a few laws if you are not careful. If you find that the land around your home or your garden is fairly limited, you might want to consider getting concrete services come in and lay a slab above your home where you will be able to build a upper floor as an extension instead which is not likely to be trouble to anyone but will likely cost a lot more money.

Laws regarding bathrooms

If you intend to have a new bathroom built as part of your extension then it is important for you to look through the laws in your area regarding the placement of bathrooms within a house. There are laws governing ground floor bathroom locations and upper floor bathroom locations as well and therefore you will need to inform your concrete services in Perth of this, if they are not already aware.

Accidental placement of your bathroom in a location where it is not supposed to be could result in your having to demolish the whole area and start all over again and therefore it is important for you to know the laws inside out before you start work. A structural engineer should be able to inform you of all of these laws beforehand. It is advisable to hire a structural engineer to work with you throughout the project.